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As men age, their hormone levels can begin to decline, which can lead to a range of symptoms and health issues. Fortunately, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help to alleviate these symptoms and improve overall health and wellness. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men in Arizona.

What Is BHRT?

BHRT stands for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the type of therapy Biote Certified Providers use. Bioidentical is used to convey that the molecular structure is the same as the hormones produced by the human body. Men who lack hormones at certain consistent levels or who have too much of a certain hormone may benefit from BHRT for men.

Testosterone is the primary hormone that declines in men as they age, which can lead to a range of symptoms, including low sex drive, fatigue, depression, weight gain, and more.  and alleviate these symptoms.

What Are BHRT Pellets?

Pellets are made of custom-compounded hormones and binders. The hormones are compounded in the U.S. by outsourcing facilities that are held to strict standards.

Each pellets manufactured is tested for potency, sterility, and endotoxins to ensure patients are being provided with high-quality pellet therapy for men to help their hormone optimization.

Biote utilizes pellet therapy that contains bioidentical hormones custom compounded in pharmacies within the US. These pellets are inserted subcutaneously in the body and provide continuous therapeutic support for many conditions that men face.

What Is BHRT Pellet Therapy?

The hormones used in Biote’s Method of BHRT are delivered to men in pellet form, and within up to two to four weeks, patients may begin to feel hormone therapy benefits. Some report feeling the full benefits of BHRT after the second insertion. Hormone therapy has helped numerous men regain their hormone balance and optimize their testosterone levels.

What May Pellet Therapy Help Relieve?

Many conditions may be improved in men through pellet therapy, including andropause, low mood, anxiousness, low sex drive, decreased bone density, and heart health.* Pellet therapy benefits for men may include the relief of symptoms caused by these conditions, as well as a return to hormonal balance.

BHRT has a range of benefits for men, including improved energy levels, increased muscle mass, improved bone density, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and improved sexual function. In addition, BHRT can help to alleviate the symptoms of andropause, which is often referred to as the male equivalent of menopause.

BHRT can also help to improve cognitive function, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and improve overall quality of life. Men who undergo BHRT often report feeling more energetic, more alert, and more focused, which can improve performance at work and in other areas of life.

Is BHRT Right for You?

If you’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone or other hormone imbalances, BHRT may be right for you. At Reveal, we will help you monitor your hormone levels, and adjust your treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal results. Contact us if you have any questions or you can visit the Biote website.


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